Is it Stupidity Or Dullness - Part Two - "The Confession, Can you Survive the Lie?"

After Eating the Mushroom, the man and woman sat outside chatting and gossiping when their Son "Temba" Came running and screaming! He said to his parents, "DAD, MUM! THE DOG IS DEAD!"
Without thinking twice, the man said to his wife, "WE ARE FUCKED! SO FUCKED!"
they calmed down and came to an agreement that they will not DIE with secrets. So they were going to tell each other them. The Husband went first, "My wife, That Lady selling tomatoes on the road over there, i v been in love with her for the past 20 years and that boy of hers who passes here often is my Son. And also "Philani" who died two years ago, i killed him in order to use him for our fast booming business that we have. Please forgive me. The wife couldn't believe her ears...Then it was her turn to confess. She began, "When i first came to south Africa, i had no place to stay so the guy who offered me accommodation is the father of "Diphuka" and not you. And this "Temba" you don't like much is your real SON together with "Philani", the one you killed for "muti"

In the state of shock, they both felt relieved to die without secrets. As they were waiting for their death, Temba came running and calling "DAD, DAD! the man who bumped"Killed" the DOG is waiting by the road so that you can discuss the compensation for the loss.

Bringing to Light the Embarrassment, what do you think the couple did after discovering they were not going to DIE ?